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Research And Development

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The company attaches great importance to product research, so our company established research and development department to ensure sustainable development of corporation, which has been increasing investment constantly in recent years. For the moment, research and development department maily solves technical problems encountered during manufacture, improves and perfects manufacturing technique, and upgrades products quality; actively developing licorice products that market needs; along with the work of applicaiton of science and technology project and management of intellectural property.
In recent three years, we have got 12 new practical patents for invention; licorice development project cooperated with Institute of Native medicine, which was awarded second class prize for technical progress by autonomous region; large amount of beneficial try on improving and perfecting technique of  mono-ammonium glycyrrhizinate salt; 4 technical projects approved by regional and municipal related department to get finance support for company. Besides, we established favourable production-study-research cooperation relationships with science and research institutes like Shanghai ECUST、Xinjiang Institute of Chinese medicine and native medicine、Xinjiang Medical University,etc.

Research And Development